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Every Day Carry Kit (EDC)

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    Chris Peterson

    I’m just wonder what others EDCs looks like.here is mine. It is a faily small kit design to get me back home from work.

    • Hand warms (winter only)
    • Emergency Blanket
    • 50 ft of 550 Cord
    • 24 oz stainless water bottle
    • Credit card knife
    • Leaterman multi-tool
    • Mora classic no 2
    • UltraFire XML-6 Flashlight w/extra Batter
    • Fire Kit
    • UTS Sparkie
    • 3600 cal SOS food ration and Packet of Emergency

    Fire kit/minor first-aid kit

    • 4 cotton balls
    • Bic lighter
    • 2 vasiline straws
    • 3 by 8 inch cotton cloth
    • 2 alcohol swabs
    • 3 bandaids
    • Packet of advil
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    Every Day Carry

    1. Wallet with DL, CCW permit, Retired Law Enforcement ID and Badge
    2. Ruger LCR .357 Mag with 5 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense .357 Mag 125 gr. FTX
    3. Blackhawk CQC leather holster
    4. Tuff QuickStrip with 5 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense .357 Mag 125 gr. FTX
    5. International Handgun Leather speed strip pouch
    6. LG Optimus F7 Smartphone
    7. Casio 3230 G Shock watch
    8. Sabre pepper spray
    9. Paracord bracelet
    10. Zebra 701 stainless steel pen
    11. County Comm A&P key ring
    11a. ResQMe car escape tool and seatbelt cutter
    11b. House key
    11c. USB drive
    11d. Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper Tweezers‎
    11e. Cuff key
    11f. Mini light
    11g. Vehicle key fob
    11h. Vehicle key
    12. Streamlight PT 2L Flashlight
    13. SOG Aegis assisted opening folding knife
    14. CPR face shield
    15. Sterling Eco knife sharpener
    16. Gerber EAB razor knife with emergency cash in clip
    17. Adventurer Survival whistle on paracord necklace
    18. Survival Belt Kit- heavy metal tin and black nylon belt pouch
    Kit includes:
    18a. Randall’s Adventure & Training Survival card
    18b. SOL mini rescue flash signal mirror
    18c. County Comm black Delrin AAA battery locker with extra battery and mini compass in lid
    18d. Potable Aqua tabs (2)
    18e. SOL fire tinder (4)
    18f. Large safety pins (2)
    18g. Mini fishing kit
    18h. Derma-Safe razor knife
    18i. Large needle under duct tape on the lid of tin
    18j. Gerber Curve mini tool
    18k. County Comm Maratac AAA flashlight
    18l. Band-Aid strips (2)
    18m. County Comm mini Widgy pry bar
    18n. County Comm stainless steel peanut lighter
    18o. P51 can opener
    18p. Whirlpak 36 oz. water bag

    I also carry a Get Home Bag or 24 Hour Kit in my vehicle.

    Click on picture to enlarge!

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    • This reply was modified 4 years, 1 month ago by Curt Curt.
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