Jul 14

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Teen Survives Plane Crash

North Cascade Park

Photo by Miguel Vieira , available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.

16 year old Autumn Veatch survived a plane crash July 11 2015 to walk out of the woods and be found by a motorist on Monday July 13th.

Autumn left from Kalispell, Montanta in a personal single engine plane Beech A-35 with her step-grandparents. They where flying to Lyden, Washington when they hit bad weather and clouds. When the clouds opened up they where flying directly into the side of the mountain.

After the crash Autumn stayed at the site for about a day and then started hiking down the mountain. She stayed over night on a sandbar feeling it was a safe place. Then followed the river to a hiking path which lead her to a road where a motorist spotted her and took her to a store to call the police.

Autumn is a very brave and smart girl.

Article from ABC

Article from KomoNews

Did she do the correct thing? Should She have stayed put until rescue found her? She did a self rescue and it worked out, but was it luck or was it the best choices?

After looking over a map of the area her choice to walk out was a fairly safe option. She was found near the East Entrance of North Cascades National Park on hwy 20. There are some major hiking trails in this area that cut across large parts going both North/South and East/West.

Comment below and let me know what you think. Did she do the right thing or was she lucky?







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