Mar 27


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Survival Skill Saturday – Survival Firecraft



Survival Firecraft Class

One of the most important skills in any survival situation
is the ability to start a fire. Fire can provide us warmth, light and a means
of signaling. It can be used to purify water, cook food, make tools and help
keep us safe and secure. Morale is an important element in any survival
situation, and fire affords us a means of comfort and companionship.

This class will teach modern fire techniques that will
guarantee fire while also conserving energy/calories which are vital during a
survival situation.

The class includes practical information, demonstrations,
and hands-on practice.

In this class you will:

•Learn the principles of modern fire-making

•Gain an understanding of various fire starting methods

•Learn how to prepare, construct, and maintain a fire

•Practice ignition of improvised and commercial tinder’s

Each student will receive a magnesium fire starter and a
metal tin with 100% cotton material to make their own char cloth in class. 

Class will be rescheduled if raining or storms. Please bring
a knife with a sheath, knee pads, lunch and water/beverage for class.

Class Tuition $40 per student. 8 students maximum.

Class will be held in Deerfield, WI on Saturday, April, 4 2015 from

10am to 2pm.


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