Mar 22


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Guardian Fire Kit



Guardian Fire Kit

This kit is packed with many components that are useful for starting dozens of fires in any urban or wilderness survival situation. Each kit is $75.00 which includes WI sales tax. A small investment for your survival.

QTY 1: Maxpedition EDC Pocket: The entire kit is packed in the Maxpedition EDC pocket. It is a 5″x7″x.3/4″ clam shell MOLLE compatible case with tons on interior storage pockets and loops for all kinds of fire implements. It’s made from 1050-denier water and abrasion resistant ballistic nylon fabric and is built like a little tank. It makes for a great packable kit container. It’s also triple polyurethane treated for water resistance and has taped interior seams. To MOLLE attach this kit you will need the 3″ Tac-Tie strips sold separately.

QTY 1: 9-Hour Candle: Whether using this candle to dry fire tinder or shaving off the wax as a fuel extender, this is an often overlooked piece of fire kit. This candle will burn for 9 hours!

QTY 1: BIC® Mini Lighter- The BIC® Lighter is recognized as a worldwide leader in producing a safe, reliable flame for millions of consumers every day. Each kit will contain either a yellow or orange lighter. These colors were chosen due to their bright contrasting color the ground and vegetation.

QTY 15: UCO Survival Matches: These storm proof matches come in a sealed reusable plastic waterproof match case with 2 replaceable strikers. Each match will burn for 12 seconds. These are like matches on STEROIDS! They are also wind and waterproof!

QTY 1: Light My Fire Mini Fire Steel: Light My Fire fire steels are my favorite. They are made in Sweden and are a really great piece of kit. This one is good for 1500 strikes and produces sparks that burn up to 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit. This is without a doubt one of the best fire starting tools on the market. It is small, compact and effective. It will throw great sparks in virtually any weather condition.

QTY 1: Carmex/Vaseline Lip Balm: Each kit has one .35 ounce tube which contains petroleum jelly. This product can be mixed with tinder fibers to make the flame burn much longer – also known as a fire extender.

QTY 2: Fatwood Sticks: This all natural fire starter is one of the best I’ve used. These are harvested from stumps of pine (fatwood). With their 80% pine resin content, these little guys are extremely easy to light and work even when wet. These burn long and hot and will light about any fire you can imagine. They ignite with spark or flame – must shave into shavings to ignite with sparks.

QTY 1: Solar Fresnel Lens: The sun comes up every day and no fire kit would be complete without at least one solar fire starting tool. I’ve used these little Fresnel magnifiers to start fires countless times. They are lightweight and easy to use. Use it on char cloth, punky wood, tinder fungus or any other fire tinder that will smolder. These will not produce flame. You’ll need to create an ember and blow it into flame using a tinder bundle (like JUTE TWINE).

QTY 6: Fire Stix: These compressed fiber and wax impregnated sticks will light instantly with flame or sparks. They will ignite even when wet and are odorless. A great source of kindling in a pinch.

QTY 1: Hinged Metal Tin: This is a 3 3/4″ long x 2-3/8″ wide x 3/4″ deep” metal tin. 100% natural fabrics like cotton can be made into Char Cloth, which is an outstanding fire starting material. When you have a fire, it’s important to plan for future fires. This tin allows you to make Char Cloth and plan for future fires. To make Char Cloth you will need to punch a small hole into the lid of the tin.

QTY 3: 2″x2″ 100% Cotton fabric squares. These can be used to make char cloth using the tin above.

QTY 4: 8″ length of Jute Twine: Two pieces of Jute serve as the lanyard for your Fatwood Sticks and two pieces are in the tin. Jute is one of the best natural fire-starting tinder’s on the planet. Shred up one of these 8″ Jute lengths to make an instant tinder bundle. Invaluable fire-starter! Will ignite almost instantly with sparks!

QTY 2: WETFIRE CUBES: This is man-made fire starting tinder that will ignite even while floating in water. One cube can burn up to six minutes. I’ve even used one of these cubes with my Esbit Kit before to make boil water.

QTY 3: 100% Cotton Discs: These cotton pads are perfect for catching a spark or mixing with Carmex or Vaseline petroleum jelly to create a long burning fire tinder.

QTY 1: 0000 Steel Wool: Steel wool is another one of those amazing fire tinder’s. It will smolder with just sparks and burns VERY hot. Use this to blow a tinder bundle into flame. This will ignite even after being dipped in water!

QTY 5: Birch Wood Pieces: These dry Birch pieces will catch fire very easy and will help extend your tinder’s burn time to get your bigger kindling going.

Each component can also be purchased separately to add to your kit or to replace items you use when you practice your fire making skills.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a kit or individual components.

Thanks Curt


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  1. Susan Canedy

    Hi Curt ! I just heard about this madisonpreppers site, yesterday, September 25th, 2015, from one of the guys
    at Paradigm Gardens. I am deighted that such a site exists, and that I may SOON get to meet some of the preppers in SCentral WI. I’ve lived here for 9 years now, and feel the need of a support group. How many people participate on this site, and do you ever get together? Is there a newsletter or schedule of events???
    Your GUARDIAN FIRE KIT looks GREAT ! (It looks like it’s got a striker; I’ve got a flint stick with an orange handle, but the striker piece is gone.)
    Would love to hear from you.
    All the BEST,
    Susan Canedy

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