Feb 17


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Welcome to Madison Preppers – Wisconsin Prepping Group

Welcome to Madison Preppers a Wisconsin Prepping Group.

We are located near Madison Wisconsin. Our focus is on emergency and long termed preparedness for disaster situations. We hold monthly meetings on a wide variety of topics that are open to the public. We only ask that you signup and register at our meetup site (http://www.meetup.com/MadisonPreppers) this allows us to have accurate counts.



  1. pete

    I like what you started with Chris. I am going to register madisonprepper.com NO S as well and redirect it to madisonpreppers.com, just to catch typos. Keep up the good work and Thank You for your work. Its great to have you putting your personal time into this.

    also i typed in madison prepper into google and we were not on top though the meetup was. I typed in wisconsin prepper and were not there either. wonder what we can do to up the seach results.

    1. Chris Peterson

      It will take a little bit for the SEO to kick in, but I will be getting it submitted to the search engines either today or tomorrow. I also have to build out a sitemap, but wanted to wait till I got all of the basic setup out of the way.

  2. Roger

    It’s a good start, but I would keep a low profile on the sponsor’s name of this page. The WH has come out with a 332 page report on controlling the internet. So do what you need to do! The question is how will the other 342 members respond? I know that is what you are looking for. But in these times we are in at the present, you never know!

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