Jul 14

Teen Survives Plane Crash

North Cascade Park

16 year old Autumn Veatch survived a plane crash July 11 2015 to walk out of the woods and be found by a motorist on Monday July 13th. Autumn left from Kalispell, Montanta in a personal single engine plane Beech A-35 with her step-grandparents. They where flying to Lyden, Washington when they hit bad weather …

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Jun 09

Sustainable Lifestyles Fair – Aug 8-9 2015 West Bend, WI

Mother Earth News has a Sustainable Living Fair on Aug. 8-9 2015 in West Bend, WI at the Washington County Fair Park. Event Information          

Apr 03

Lost at sea for 66 Day

Louis Jordan was recently rescued from his capsized boat 200 miles off the coast of North Carolina. He survived at sea for 66 days by catching fish and collecting rain water. Read the full story Just had to share this great story. Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone.  

Mar 27


Survival Skill Saturday – Survival Firecraft


  Survival Firecraft Class One of the most important skills in any survival situation is the ability to start a fire. Fire can provide us warmth, light and a means of signaling. It can be used to purify water, cook food, make tools and help keep us safe and secure. Morale is an …

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Mar 22


Guardian Fire Kit


  Guardian Fire Kit This kit is packed with many components that are useful for starting dozens of fires in any urban or wilderness survival situation. Each kit is $75.00 which includes WI sales tax. A small investment for your survival. QTY 1: Maxpedition EDC Pocket: The entire kit is packed in the …

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Mar 10

10 Mistakes of Raising Chickens

In honor of our meeting tonight Curt has asked me to put up this article. It is a nice read about 10 of the common mistakes regarding raising chickens. The 10 Mistakes of Raising Chickens Hope to see everyone at the meeting.  

Mar 01

20 Underrated Healing Herbs

I came across a nice article today regarding some uncommon healing herbs. It is a nice write up giving a summary of each herb and links if you wish to purchase some for yourself.      

Feb 22

Madison Preppers Twitter Account

Madison Preppers Twitter Madison Preppers twitter account is now active.

Feb 21

Madison Preppers Ready For Anything

Madison Preppers Ready For Anything This is a video from Dec 2012 when Curt did an interview with Channel 3000

Feb 17




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